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Water Fun: A New Plumbing Activity!


Did you know that June 21st is the longest day of the year? You have more hours of daylight to live your best life - so how will you spend it?

Rather than squeezing in more Netflix binge-watching or doing online shopping, consider trying out some of our low-budget water activities to break up the usual daily grind, and with the help of your outdoor plumbing.

Whether you covertly do these activities alone and pray the neighbors won’t notice, or whether you partake with friends and family, these activities are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Slippin’ and Slidin’ Fun

sprinklerandslideOne low-cost way to have fun outdoors is running through the sprinklers. It’s fun for the young and the young at heart alike - we dare you not to smile like a little kid at some point!

Running through the sprinklers can add some fun for you as well as keep the yard looking green. If you don’t have a sprinkler, you and your friends can take turns holding a finger over the hose to make your own sprayer, or buy a hose nozzle with different settings.

It’s also easy to set up a homemade water slide for you and your loved ones by laying out a big sheet of plastic or a tarp, spraying it down/keeping it wet, and rubbing it with some dish detergent or shampoo to make it slippery. You’ll be in for a cool treat in no time at all!

Hose Fight Alternative

hosefightsIf the longest day gets unbearably hot, it might be tempting to have a hose fight. As a plumbing company interested in helping you save money on your water bill, we’d like to suggest an alternative that’s just as fun and will save you water in the process: water gun fights!

Not only do they allow for more strategic fun, but they also will use much less water than a hose. As an added bonus, water guns are much easier to run away with and avoid attacks, since you’re not constrained by the length, radius, or weight of your water hose.

Water Balloon Battle

waterballoonsfightYet another great family or friend activity is a water balloon fight. You can make teams of boys vs. girls, parents vs. kids, fandom vs. fandom….the battling combinations are endless!

You can also just throw water balloons at each other for the sake of its enjoyability. Whether there’s some friendly competition or not, water balloon fights are a great activity for bonding with loved ones and offer the same fun a snowball fight would offer in the winter.

Much like the hose vs. water guns issue, using water balloons saves a lot of water as well! On the longest day of the year, and this summer, we hope you’ll find time to enjoy these fun water activities we’ve shared with you!

Don’t forget, many of these activities are also great ways to have the best of both worlds: saving water and having a blast! At S and J Plumbing we want you to make the most of your longest day of the year, and you might just have a new tradition on your hands.