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Expert sump pump repairs and installations in Arlington Heights.

One of a homeowner’s biggest plumbing fears has to do with basement flooding. It doesn’t matter if it’s caused by a burst pipe or excess water making its way inside after a period of heavy rain, flooding is a threat that faces many residents in the Arlington Heights, IL area. The consequences can be destructive and pricey to fix. For those who wish to protect their homes, installing a sump pump is a great way to deal with basement flooding.

Luckily, the sump pump contractors at S and J Plumbing can provide repair and installation services to all homes in the area. We can set you up with a brand new appliance or send somebody to fix the one you own. Feel confident knowing you have the tools necessary to handle any flooding situation.

sump pump services in Arlington Heights, IL

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It’s common to see flooding occur during periods of heavy precipitation, such as heavy rainfalls or the morning after a blizzard when snowfall melts. A rush of water can navigate through a home’s foundation and make its way to the basement. Sump pumps are able to respond to this situation by directing this water away from the building toward an area where it can’t get inside.

Battery Backup Systems

Sump pumps run on electricity. If you lose power to your home, your pump cannot operate. A battery backup would take over in providing power in this situation. The batteries would run your primary and secondary pump until power is restored. Having a properly operating backup system could prevent a flooding situation in your home.

Backup Pumps

Having only one sump pump can be a problem. If that one pump fails, you need a second pump in the pit to take over until the first on can be repaired or replaced. Another scenario is that if the water entering the pit comes in too quickly that one pump cannot keep up. The second pump would also kick on and satisfy the demand to pump water.

Avoid flood damage to your home! Is your pump more than 6 years old? Do you have a backup system? S and J Plumbing is your sump pump specialist. Don’t wait till it’s too late, call us now, we can help! Here are some of the sump pumps we are familiar with:

  • Liberty sump pump
  • Zoeller sump pump
  • Ridgid sump pump
  • Wayne sump pump
  • Hydromatic sump pump
  • Flotec sump pump
  • Tramco sump pump
  • Superior sump pump
  • Ion Storm Pro sump pump
  • And more!

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