Arlington Heights Clogged Toilet Repair

Dependable clogged toilet repair and installation services in Arlington Heights.

Clogged toilets can be one of the most frequent and bothersome plumbing problems homeowners must face. They can be hugely disruptive and frustrating, particularly in households that primarily use a single bathroom. Toilets that clog up often and for no apparent reason may also indicate a much larger issue with a home’s plumbing system.

The professionals at S and J Plumbing are on hand to assist homeowners in the Arlington Heights, IL area with clogged toilet repair and toilet installation services. We can take care of any clog or even set up a replacement toilet for you while also taking a closer peek at what the underlying problem may be.

Here are some of the toilet brands we are familiar with:

  • American Standard toilet
  • Crane toilet
  • Eljer toilet
  • Gerber toilet
  • Glacier Bay toilet
  • Kohler toilet
  • Mansfield toilet
  • Sloan toilet
  • Sterling toilet
  • Toto toilet
  • And more!

clogged toilet repair services in Arlington Heights, IL

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When to Call for Clogged Toilet Repairs

People put toilets through a lot of stress every day. They’re tasked with flushing down waste all day long while also being forced to support everybody’s weight. It’s common for toilets to show signs of damage and break down after only a few years of heavy use. By performing an up-close examination, you may be able to spot some of the signs of a toilet’s decline. Contact a professional plumber for an inspection if your toilet suffers any of the following:

Cracks In the Tank

Any cracks found in a toilet bowl or tank could put the entire bathroom at risk of water damage. It’s possible for water to leak out of these spaces and slowly wreak havoc on the surrounding area without anybody noticing. Toilets with cracks in them should be replaced immediately.

Frequent Clogs

Homeowners should keep in mind how often a toilet clogs up and if it does so for no apparent reason. If you notice clogs seem to be appearing rapidly out of nowhere, it could mean a major problem exists elsewhere in your plumbing.

Old Age

Are you using the same toilet that came with your home? Do you know how old it is? Toilets that suffer from old age tend to have more troubles than modern ones. Homeowners who have been using the same toilet since moving in or have concerns about its age, it may be wise to call an expert to conduct an inspection.

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If you’re in need of clogged toilet repair or toilet installation services in the Arlington Heights, IL area, we’re here to help. Let our technicians get to the bottom of any problem. Call us at 847-890-1599 to book an appointment.