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Top-notch sewer line repair and replacement services in Arlington Heights.

Sewer line problems can be a nasty business. If there’s one area of a home’s plumbing nobody wants to deal with, it’s the sewer pipes. But any issues can cause all sorts of chaos and must be dealt with swiftly. Otherwise, you may have to deal with expensive cleaning and repair bills.

Good thing the professionals at S and J Plumbing are capable of conducting sewer line repair and sewer line installation services to homes in the Arlington Heights, IL area. Give us a call and we’ll deploy a technician to take care of any problems that have to do with your household’s sewage system.

sewer line repair and installation services in Arlington Heights, IL

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What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

For starters, a home's sewer is the underground pipe 5 feet outside of the house. This pipe is typically 4" to 6" in diameter. It conveys all the wastewater in a home to the municipal sewer. Typically, this pipe is made of PVC, cast iron, or clay tile material.

Clay tile is the most common material and the most prone to root intrusion. Clay tile pipe has a joint in the pipe every 2' to 4' and this is where roots have entered the pipe in search of water. Roots not only can damage the pipe but block the natural gravity flow of the home’s wastewater system causing a backup of the main sewer line. This line should be rodded with special equipment intended to cut the roots out of the way. The rodding equipment is installed into an access point in the sewer called a cleanout. Your cleanout is typically found in the home at the point exit of your drain or outside at grade level. Having the proper size cleanout is also beneficial because it allows the plumber to use a cutting head that is the same diameter of the pipe to ensure a thorough cleaning of your pipes.

The second type of cause of backups is considered a soft blockage. This means that toilet paper or other foreign material (feminine products, wipes, dental floss etc.) along with natural solids have combined to clog the sewer or drain. Collectively with other factors like roots and improperly pitched pipe and this will cause a stoppage. The remedy is also rodding and talking to your S and J plumber about what is and not acceptable to put in your drains.

Damage to a home’s sewer line can be caused by a variety of things. Here are some of the most common ways sewage problems are caused:


We live in an area with drastically changing weather conditions. With the season changes and the freezing and thawing process the earth shifts. When this fluctuation happens, it can also shift the sewer pipe underground causing cracks and or separations.

Tree Roots

Plant life is constantly searching for nourishment and new sources of water. During this quest, it’s possible for tree roots to become tangled with sewer pipes and tear them apart. To avoid such problems in the future, we recommend planting trees and bushes far from any plumbing installed close to your home. Yearly maintenance rodding will also help eliminate the fast regrowth of roots.

Old or Damaged Pipes

After many years, it’s common for sewer pipes to become corroded or damaged. This is a problem typical of older homes. These pipes that have been in service for decades have become brittle and worn causing blockages.

Why Choose Us?

Here at S and J Plumbing, we’re committed to conducting honest and professional service for all of our clients. We deliver high-quality workmanship and first-class customer service, whether you need minor repairs or have a big installation project in mind.

We’re also available to receive your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies. If a problem with your sewer line pops up, day or night, give us a call and we’ll send somebody to help.

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