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The Top 3 Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

3 Common Plumbing Emergencies

Every person across the globe has come across a plumbing emergency at some point in their lives. Whether at home, on vacation, in a hotel, at work, or school, a plumbing emergency can happen at any time. The 3 most common plumbing emergencies are an overflowing toilet, sewage backup, and a burst pipe.

Having the security of trained and qualified technicians on call for plumbing emergencies can save a homeowner time and ensure a good quality of life.

Emergency #1. An Overflowing Toilettoilet

A myriad of issues can cause an overflowing toilet. The most well-known issue would be due to a clog. If too much toilet paper has been used or perhaps a diaper or something unflushable was whisked down the pipes, it can cause a blockage. This blockage causes water to be unable to drain, making it flow backward and out the toilet instead of down the pipes. 

A toilet is one of the most used appliances in the world, and at some point, there will be an overflow! Getting the help of professional plumbers is typically needed if clogs frequently occur or for no apparent reason. Using a plunger, drain auger (also known as a snake), and other techniques like hydro-jetting pipes are ways that a plumber can fix that overflowing toilet.

Emergency #2. Sewage Backup

Sewage issues can occur from a buildup of unflushable paper towels, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, and even tree roots blocking plumbing. These blockages can also cause a reverse flow due to buildup and pressure. That flushed water will need a way out and will backflow to its closest exit, back the way it came. Another reason would be for homeowners who have septic tanks, if it is full, it will cause toilet overflow. 

A sewage backup is very dangerous because it is dirty and has contaminated waste matter and water. Protecting a family and home can be simplified with the help and direction of dedicated plumbers. They will be able to tailor-fit a solution to the backup of sewage. 

Emergency #3. A Burst Pipepipe

Ignoring even a small leak can lead to massive property damage! If a burst pipe or leak is noticed, shutting off the water via the shutoff valve is important. Calling a 24-hour emergency plumber should be the next step. As a homeowner, if any wet spots are visible on walls or ceilings, there is a possibility of a burst pipe. Another sign of a potentially burst pipe is increased mold growing on walls or ceilings, standing, mostly stagnant water, or increased water consumption and bills. A burst pipe is very dangerous due to all the negative effects it can cause immediately and in the long run. 

Burst pipes and leaks are normally caused by increased water pressure. If there is a clog in one spot, it can increase water pressure causing the pipe or pipes to expand and then crack or even burst open. Another cause is the temperature. When the temperature drops and the pipes freeze, the water inside expands, putting pressure on the pipes allowing them to bust under pressure.

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