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Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair or Replacement

Warning Signs the Sewer Line Needs Service

The sewer line is one of the most important parts of the plumbing system in any home or business. Since it is hidden underneath the ground, it is commonly forgotten about until problems arise. While some sewer line problems, like a backup, can be obvious, other signs indicate the sewer line needs repair or a new sewer line installation. 

Recognizing the signs of sewer line problems can help homeowners deal with them quicker and prevent additional issues from arising. Here is a quick guide from local experts to help homeowners spot some common signs that sewer line repair or replacement may be required. 

Frequent Clogs and Slow Drainage

slow drainThe first sign that sewer line repair or replacement may be needed is if the home frequently experiences clogs and slow draining. When clogs form, it can take longer for water to flow away from the home due to the blockages in lines. Plumbers can perform drain cleaning to eliminate the clog and restore proper drainage in the case of a clog. However, if clogs and slow draining occur often, there could be an underlying problem in the sewer line requiring repair or replacement. 

When chronic clogs plague a property, a plumber should be called to look for deeper issues. Some of the problems that can contribute to frequent clogging are: 

  • Misuse of drains and toilets from home residents
  • A sewer line that is collapsed or damaged
  • Tree roots that have grown into the sewer line 

Sewage Smells

bad smellAnother sign that a sewer line needs repair or replacement is if people notice foul odors like the smell of sewage or sewer gas. The smell of sewage can indicate to homeowners that the sewer line is cracked or damaged and leaking. Sewer line leaks and damage can occur due to several causes, such as:

  • Old age
  • Corrosion and deterioration
  • Soil or ground movement
  • Tree root intrusion

Patches of Lush Grass in the Yard

The farther away from the home the damage to the sewer line is, the less likely it will be noticed quickly. That’s why homeowners need to be aware of their property as a whole. By paying better attention to their yard and space around their home, homeowners can notice another sign that sewer line replacement or repair is needed.

When sewage is allowed to leak out of sewer pipes, it can act as a fertilizer. This can result in lush spots on the lawn that grow much quicker than the surrounding grass. In some cases, the ground may also have puddles or be wet or spongy when walked on. These signs of a compromised sewer line indicate that professional repair or replacement is needed. 

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