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Have Some Family Fun With These Fourth of July Activities!

Get the Kitchen Ready for Independence Day Activities!

Independence Day is fast approaching, which means the kitchen is about to get a lot of love in just a few weeks. Many homeowners and their families will be getting together with extended family and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July, so they must ensure that their homes (namely, their kitchens) are ready to welcome guests. 

One of the best ways to get the kitchen ready is to get the family together before the holiday and do some family fun bonding activities! What exactly should homeowners prepare? Well, read on for the best ways for homeowners to prepare their kitchens for Independence Day this year!

Make Decorative Desserts

Decorative desserts are a great place to start in preparing for the Fourth of July. After all, what is more fun than tasty desserts and good-looking ones, at that! There are different desserts that homeowners and their families can make with cute red, white, and blue themes. Need some ideas? Try these out:

  • Brownies - white-frosted brownies with red and blue sprinkles will be a hit
  • Cream-covered fruits - combine raspberries or strawberries with blueberries and homemade whipped cream for the healthier attendees
  • Cupcakes - vanilla cupcakes and red and blue frosting will wow the crowd
  • Glazed donuts - top them with red, white, and blue frosting to impress everyone

Not only will these desserts be a hit at the Fourth of July gatherings, but they will also be enjoyable to make together as a family. Homeowners will only have to be wary that the family doesn’t consume all of the finished product before guests start to arrive!

Break Out the Patriotic Moviesmovies

Although the guests will love the patriotic desserts, they will surely need some other form of entertainment at the gathering. And what better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than by breaking out some patriotic movies! The possibilities are endless - National Treasure is a great option, especially for the younger kids. Top Gun, of course, is a classic. Think through what the guests will love most and go from there.

Importantly, be sure to also stock up on the movie goodies. People will be enjoying their delicious desserts, but nothing beats a movie viewing than a good old bowl of popcorn, some candy, and a tall cup of soda.


Gather the Cookout Supplies

Last but certainly not least, homeowners must gather the cookout supplies. Because what would an Independence Day celebration be without a cookout! Homeowners should shop for food provisions and any equipment they might need for cooking the food (e.g., grilling supplies).

They should also make sure that they have stocked up on paper plates, plasticware, and other cookout-related necessities. After all, the last thing homeowners probably want is to go through all the hard work of cooking for their guests, only to find that they have nothing to serve the food on!

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