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Easily Detect an Underground Water Leak

Determining If There is a Hidden Water Leak

Water lines are one of the two main pipes that connect and run throughout a home. Because of their importance, it is advised that homeowners understand what can happen over time if these lines are not properly checked and serviced. 

Many things can cause a pipe to crack or burst. From sudden changes in weather temperature or soil settling beneath a home to roots piercing through the lines as they grow or pipes incorrectly placed from the beginning. This guide is meant to help homeowners determine if their plumbing is leaking to ensure a professional can resolve the problem quickly without further damage to the home.

After the Pipe Begins Leakingwater bill

There are some tell-tale signs of underground leaks that homeowners should look for.
  • Sounds of water running when no appliances or fixtures are on is one red flag that should not go overlooked. The sound means that water is leaking into the walls or under the foundation without a valve to stop it. 
  • An unusual increase in the water bill will quickly follow a leak because there is no way to stop water flow from a broken line. 
  • Small or large puddles of water seeping through the grass near the home is another strong sign that something is amiss under the soil. With water constantly gushing from the main water line, the only way for the extra fluid to escape is by seeping out from under the foundation of a home and pooling in an area (or multiple) above ground.

Other symptoms like wet and peeling paint or wallpaper inside the home, the growth of mold or mildew, and damp or warm spots on the main floor are signs of a hidden water leak that has been leaking for longer than is ideal. If a water leak goes undetected for too long, the home’s foundation can become compromised and, in turn, compromise the integrity of the home’s structure.   

The Main Water Valve and Checking the Water Meter

A great way to catch potential leaks early is by periodically shutting off the main water valve to the home and then monitoring the water meter. The water meter should also stop after shutting off the main water valve.

If the water meter continues to run even though the water has been shut off, there is likely a leak, and it’s time to call the professionals to inspect the main water line thoroughly. Keeping an eye on the monthly water usage when paying the water bill is also a great way to catch a leak early.


Water Line Leaks Need Professional Repairs

Once the homeowner suspects a water line is leaking or broken, a professional plumbing company should be called and scheduled for a consultation. If homeowners try to repair a water line without a license, the result could worsen the leak or injure the parties trying to resolve the issue.

Professional plumbers are trained in water leak detection and repair. Their special equipment will usually allow for a minimally invasive cure to the issue. If caught early on, plumbers can repair underground water leaks by coating the crack, and surrounding area, with sealant to ensure the piping will not burst again.  

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