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Don't Forget Drain Cleaning During the Rainy Season

Shield Outdoor Drains From Spring Showers

April showers bring more than flowers. Sometimes, they bring puddles, floods, and clogged outdoor drains. Homeowners don’t need to let spring showers “rain” on their parade. The good news is, there are ways for homeowners to protect their outdoor drains from spring deluges, and it doesn’t take a single umbrella!


Major Signs of a Clogged Outdoor Drain

Jumping in puddles may be fun in the movies, but it’s not something homeowners want to be doing in their yard in the middle of a spring rainstorm. When it comes to clearing drain clogs, it’s better to find them before they produce a small lake in the yard. Homeowners should look for these signs:

  • Standing Water: Standing water is a sure sign that there is a drainage issue outside. Outdoor drains remove water from the yard. If there’s water collecting in the yard, the drain isn’t doing its job properly.
  • Debris: Excessive leaves, sticks, or trash collecting near the outdoor drains are a sign that a clog is imminent if it hasn’t already happened. The falling leaves and twigs that come with rainstorms are likely suspects of clogged drains. 

If debris and standing water continue to bog down a yard, it’s time to call in a plumber to investigate.

How Professional Clear Outdoor Drains

Professionals tackle outdoor drain clearing much the same way as they might an indoor drain problem. 

Plumbers may use a motorized drain auger to clear an outdoor drain. The auger is fed down the outdoor drain and used to break up any clogs. For extreme situations, plumbers may use a high-powered sewer cleaning machine or a hydro-jet, which uses extreme water pressure to clear out pipe clogs. These methods can be potentially dangerous and can damage the drains if used improperly. They should only be used by professionals. 

Preventing Outdoor Drain Blockagesletters

There are plenty of ways to prevent outdoor drain blockages.

  • Locate the Outdoor Drains: That’s right, it’s essential to know where the outdoor drain is. Most homeowners don’t know where the drain is, and some yards may have more than one. If homeowners aren’t sure where the outdoor drains are, they should have a professional plumber come out to locate them for them. 
  • Install a Grate Over Outdoor Drains: Grates are a “great” way to prevent an outdoor drain blockage. They operate similarly to a strainer or filter installed on a tub drain or sink. A thin grate screen will prevent leaves, debris, and other gunk from getting into the drain to cause a clog.
  • Keep Debris Out of the Yard: Keeping the yard raked and tidy does more than just improve the home’s curb appeal. Removing any debris that may sneak its way down the drain will prevent a clog from happening. 
  • Consider Drain Relocation: If standing water remains a problem even with a drain being grated and the yard regularly cleaned, there’s probably an issue with the drain location. More likely than not, the drain isn’t in the proper place and may be too high up to do its job properly. If that’s the case, the best solution is installing a new drain or relocating the existing one. 

By following these steps, homeowners can locate any outdoor drain problems and work to prevent them in the future with a professional plumber! 

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