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Celebrate National Wellness Month with Natural Gas Safety

Stay Safe and Healthy by Preventing Gas Leaks

It wasn’t until humans discovered fire that the species began to flourish. Fire allowed humans to temperature-control their environment a little better and cook their food to feed more people. Today, humans do the same thing but in a slightly more sophisticated way. Natural gas and propane have taken the place of fire rings. However, along with these achievements have come some hazards that those ancestors wouldn’t have known. 

The plumbing that carries gas and propane can leak and expose modern humans to hazards like fires and explosions. This month happens to be National Wellness Month, and local plumbers want to do their part. This article is a quick primer on gas safety for local homeowners to recognize signs of leaks and know how to react. 

Signs that Gas Leaks are Present

One should catch gas leaks as soon as they are noticed. Early detection can allow gas leaks to be dealt with safely, but how can someone know a gas leak is present? A few of the signs of gas leaks are: 

  • Sulfurous or rotten egg smell
  • Ignition failures in water heaters, dryers, or gas stoves
  • Hissing noises near gas fittings
  • Dead houseplants
  • Browning or dead sections in a lawn
  • Malaise or lethargy in people and pets

No matter how fast the leak is, it can present a hazard. Big leaks are usually caught quicker, but smaller leaks can persist for quite a while before they are caught. Paying attention to these signs can help homeowners protect their families by catching leaks as early as possible. 

How to React to a Gas Leakphone

As soon as a gas leak is noticed, one should seek professional help. At the first sign of a gas leak, do as much as possible to leave the area safely. If there is time, open a window to ventilate the space. Do not turn any appliances, lights, or fans on or off as throwing switches could cause sparks that could ignite the gas. As soon as possible, turn off gas service to the home or area that is affected. 

After the area is vacant and ventilating and the gas is shut off, call emergency plumbers immediately. If homeowners don’t know how to shut off gas service, the plumbing company can talk them through the process or respond immediately. Local fire departments are also a great resource if gas leaks happen. 


How Does Professional Leak Detection Work?

Once the situation is stable, plumbers can get to work finding the source of the leak. By simply speaking with the homeowners, plumbers can often narrow down the possibilities about where the gas leak is happening. Plumbers use their knowledge and experience to get an idea of where the leak is coming from, and they use special sensors that detect tiny quantities of gas to locate even the smallest gas leaks. Once the gas leak is found, they perform gas line repairs to fix the problem. 

About S and J Plumbing

S and J Plumbing is the Arlington Heights, IL choice for gas leak repairs and detection. With years of experience and responsive emergency service, they are always available to keep the home safe from gas leaks