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Beware the Signs of a Frozen Pipe!

Look out for These Common Signs of Frozen Home Pipes!

Winter is in full swing, which means cold winter temperatures are here to stay. As such, homeowners and their families must prepare their homes for the bitter weather. Their homes can be susceptible to many challenges associated with cold temperatures. One of the biggest challenges is frozen home pipes.

There are several steps homeowners can take to prevent frozen pipes, but at the end of the day, homeowners' pipes may freeze even with their best efforts. Homeowners must beware of the signs of frozen pipes so that they know when to call for help with a frozen water line or frozen sewer line. Professionals will help them with frozen pipe repair and help with strategies to prevent these in the future. Continue reading for the three most common signs!

Minimal Water Coming From the Faucetsfaucet

One of the first major signs of a frozen pipe is that there may be little to no water coming from the faucets. When water freezes inside the pipes, it can expand and exert pressure on the pipes, hence why burst pipes may result and require the attention of a burst pipe repair company.

However, before the burst happens, the force of the frozen water inside the pipes can significantly impact the water pressure. Therefore, it can get in the way of the proper flow of water since the flowing water needs to go around the frozen water. This leads to issues with overall water pressure and water delivery.

pipeFrost Present on Exposed Pipes

Another major sign of a frozen pipe is that there may be frost present on the exposed pipes. Exposed pipes are nearly guaranteed to freeze from the start, hence why pipe insulation is the best way to counteract this high probability. Exposed pipes essentially have no protection from the cold winter temperatures and no heat transfer from insulation.

If there is frost visible on the exposed pipes, this clearly confirms that the pipes have frozen. The frost will gather outside of the exposed pipes and be a clear visible cue that frozen contents are on the inside. This is perhaps the most obvious sign of a frozen pipe and should be addressed immediately, as failure to do so could result in a burst, which would require the expertise of a professional burst pipe repair service.

Sewage Smells in the Home

Last but not least, if there are sewage smells in the home, this is a big red flag that one should address immediately. Pipes within the home are not the only ones that can freeze. After all, some pipes run outdoors and connect to the sewer line! These pipes can also freeze, leading to backups and overall malfunctions in the sewage unit.

It is probably not hard to imagine that this occurrence can be extremely unpleasant, as is the case with most issues related to the sewage system. If homeowners notice these smells, they should immediately call for professional help, as failure to do so can have major consequences on the home plumbing system and the health of homeowners and their families.

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