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Improving Your Plumbing with These Simple Fixes


Modern plumbing systems have become an essential part of life in this country. Can you imagine going about your days without being able to run cold or hot water, or not having such an easy way of eliminating waste? It has made daily household tasks such as cleaning and bathing so convenient.

Taking steps to maintain your plumbing system is crucial. It's a good thing that all it takes is a few easy steps to help extend the life of plumbing components and keep them from breaking down as often. Here are some simple fixes you can employ to improve your home's plumbing.

Find a Hair Screen for Your Bathroom

“haircleaner”There are few things more disgusting than pulling clumps of hair out of a shower drain. Hair falling when we shower or shave is the common cause of clogs in our drains.

If you want to save yourself from ripping out old hair and soap scum while keeping your plumbing clean, we recommend purchasing a hair screen.

It sits atop the drain and traps hair before it can be flushed down your plumbing system. Hair removal is easy, and it will do a better job of preventing clogs.

Take Water Pressure Readings

“balancedwaterpressure”Even though you might enjoy high water pressure, your plumbing fixtures may not feel the same way. Increased pressure can add a significant strain to your plumbing components, causing them to break and leak.

You can keep track of the water pressure in your home with a measuring device available at your local hardware store. A reading of 85 psi or higher could be dangerous.

Get in touch with a plumber if you need to discuss ways of lowering your home's water pressure. Those of you who own any low-flow plumbing components, remember these devices don't direct water pressure, only the amount of water that will come out.

Put a Strainer in Your Kitchen Sink

“cleandrains”Another common place for clogs to form is in your kitchen. Debris, including food materials, can easily be flushed down the sink during cleaning and accumulate into clogs.

One way of stopping this is by adding a sink strainer to your kitchen sink. This device will trap any food particles before they can be flushed down your plumbing system.

It's a simple yet effective way of keeping your drains clean. Also, when cleaning up after preparing a meal, you shouldn't flush down cooking grease or oil. These substances are liquid while hot, but form blockages as they cool inside drains and further down the pipes.

Comply with Local Plumbing Regulations

“localrequirements”Every city and town has written laws about the plumbing elements and components for homes in their district.

These rules are put into place so people have easy access to water and can properly maintain their plumbing system.

Check with the municipal services in Arlington Heights, IL for the regulations that may affect you.