Arlington Heights Burst Pipe Repair Services

Dependable burst pipe repair service in Arlington Heights.

A home’s plumbing doesn’t work without a good set of pipes. They’re used to shuttle water to every part of a household, and experience enormous stress every day. If something goes wrong and pressure suddenly builds up, it could result in a burst and cause massive amounts of water damage resulting in pricey repairs.

The specialists at S and J Plumbing are able to perform burst pipe repair service to homeowners in the Arlington Heights, IL area. Each of our team members are equipped to handle any job and can patch up busted pipes to quell any damage.

Frozen Pipes

Is there no water flowing to your faucets? If its cold out, you may have a frozen water line. Call us so we can come out and thaw out the line before it breaks! Our plumbers use special equipment that does not compromise the integrity of your pipes. Once unfrozen we will inspect the piping for any breaks in the pipe and repair if necessary.

burst pipe repair services in Arlington Heights, IL

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Are You in Need of Burst Pipe Repairs?

The longer a burst pipe goes undetected, the more messy things become. But thankfully, due to the amount of water that leaks, they’re easy to identify. Here’s what homeowners should be on the lookout for:

  • Wet spots on walls, ceilings and floors
  • Sound of water rushing in between walls
  • Low water pressure throughout home
  • Signs of moisture in unusual places
  • Standing water around the property

It’s recommended you contact a plumber immediately if you notice any of the above clues. It could cause more damage and cost more to repair if you wait too long. Save yourself the money and trouble by having a professional conduct an investigation.

Causes of Burst Pipes

There may be several reasons for pipes to burst. Some are natural while others are man-made. Here are the most common causes of burst pipes:

Weather Patterns

Any sudden shifts in the weather, such as wind gusts or precipitation, can cause temperatures to fluctuate swiftly. This may lead to pipes to quickly expand and contract, which could result in bursting.

Clogged Drains

If we’re not careful about what we flush down our drains, items such as food particles, cooking oil and hair can accumulate and clog up the works. This makes it more difficult for water to flow through the pipes, which builds up pressure and increases the chances of a burst.

Human Error

Sometimes it comes down to nothing more than an accident caused by human hands. If you’re conducting a landscaping or home renovation project, for example, and you haven’t properly mapped out the plumbing, one could easily strike and break a hidden pipe.

Tree Roots

Plants are relentless in their pursuit of nourishment and are always seeking sources of water. This quest may lead a tree’s roots to tear through water pipes to reach what’s inside.

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