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Common Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes to Watch Out For

Frozen Pipe Indicators 

During the cold winter and early spring months, home plumbing systems are in danger from the threat of frozen pipes. When water freezes, it expands, and the pipes can burst open under too much pressure. A line blocked by ice can lead to water pressure imbalances that could destroy the plumbing system. 

This blog post shares three warning signs of frozen pipes. The best way to prevent burst pipes in the winter is to inspect and service the plumbing system regularly and ensure pipes are properly insulated. Homeowners should call a plumber when warning signs of frozen pipes are noticed to prevent water damage from a burst pipe. 

Changes in Water Pressurefaucet

One warning sign of frozen pipes that homeowners might experience during the winter is sink faucets with slow or non-existent water flow. When the water freezes inside the pipes, it can form a blockage that prevents water from flowing through the taps like normal. With nowhere for the water to go, this can cause a pipe to burst from the pressure. 

The entire plumbing system is connected, so a blocked water pipe could impact the performance of the overall plumbing. Homeowners should report low water pressure to their plumber as soon as possible because it could be a warning sign that the pipes are freezing over. Failing to act fast enough after a pressure imbalance is noticed could cost homeowners if a pipe bursts. 

Exposed Pipes Covered in Frost

It is common for homes to have exposed pipes in the basement, attic, under cabinets, or in crawlspaces. Homeowners should inspect their home’s visible plumbing for signs of frost. Icicles or frost forming on the outside of exposed pipes confirm that the pipes are freezing. Exposed pipes can be insulated to prevent freezing and bursting using a variety of coverings. 

Keeping doors to the attic or basement open so that the home’s heating system can warm up the pipes can also help to prevent freezing. Professional plumbers offer solutions for insulating exposed pipes, including spray-on insulation and insulation tape. Homeowners can do their part to avoid frozen pipes by visually inspecting their lines for signs of frost.

Sewage Smell 

smellFrozen sewer pipes can lead to the unpleasant smell of sewage in the bathroom or throughout the home. When the underground pipes that carry wastewater from the home’s drains to the city sewer or septic tank freeze, it can cause a blockage. The wastewater becomes trapped in the pipes, and the smell can carry back into the house. 

A bad enough blockage can even lead to backflow, where the wastewater is pushed back up the drains into the bathroom. Frozen sewer pipes can lead to burst sewer lines which are costly and difficult to repair. The smell of sewage water in the bathroom or kitchen is a warning sign that the sewer pipes could be frozen. 

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