Arlington Heights Frozen Pipe Repair

Dealing with a frozen pipe in the winter can be a nightmare - call our expert team for immediate repair!

If you live in Arlington Heights, IL, you know all about the harsh winters and need to be aware of the potential for frozen pipes. While frozen pipes aren’t particularly dangerous, the lack of running water once they’re frozen is inconvenient. Also, if it gets cold enough, the pipes can burst, which leads to a whole host of problems, not the least of which is a costly repair.

At S and J Plumbing, we’re experts at not only fixing broken and frozen pipes, but also at making sure your pipes don’t freeze in the first place.

Let’s take a look at which pipes in your house are prone to freezing, what to look for during the cold months, and how to protect your home’s plumbing to ensure you get through the winter unscathed.

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Location, Location, Location - Preventing Frozen Pipes

The pipes most likely to freeze in your home are those that are exposed or located near the exterior walls or up in the attic. These pipes have no insulation and no protection against the cold and are the most likely to freeze. To guard against these pipes from freezing, and to avoid any expensive burst or frozen pipe repair, consider investing in some pipe insulation. If you’re not sure which pipes are at risk, call our expert team to come out and make an assessment.

Suspect Your Pipes Have Frozen Over? Look for These Signs

Spotting frozen pipes is relatively easy, but if you’re not sure, here are a few signs that your pipes are frozen or close to being frozen.

  • Temperature: Naturally, once the temperature drops to freezing or below, your pipes are at risk.
  • Water flow: If it’s cold outside, and you notice your faucet’s water flow slowing down, it might be a sign that your pipes are beginning to freeze. You can also see, in some instances, frost building up around your pipes.
  • Odd smells: If you notice strange, foul odors coming from your faucets or drains, it may be a sign that there’s a blockage, which could point to a frozen pipe.

If you notice any of these signs, call our plumbing specialists immediately so we can assess the problem and suggest a course of action that can aid the thawing of your pipes and keep the water running freely.

Act Quickly to Prevent a Broken Pipe

If you’ve determined that your house’s pipes are frozen, it’s vital that you act as quickly as possible to restore water flow and ensure those pipes don’t break. While you can always attempt to thaw the pipes yourself, it may be difficult depending on its location. It’s best to call in an experienced plumber such as S and J Plumbing to determine precisely where is the problem and how best to deal with it.
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