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Every Home Needs One: The Importance of a Water Filtration System

Top 3 Reasons a Home Should Have a Water Filtration Systems 

People take drinking water for granted. For the last century, the United States has enjoyed the luxury of relatively clean, drinkable water. But while the water in the United States is undoubtedly drinkable, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best water everyone could be drinking. 

The reality is that most drinking water in America has well over 300 known pollutants and chemicals present in every ounce drank. The most common are chlorine, lead, and mercury - not quite the tastiest things to be swallowing daily. But, homeowners can take steps to make their water cleaner and safer to drink with water filtration systems. How exactly do water filtration systems improve drinking water? Keep reading to find out.

Improves Taste and Smellwater

If lead, mercury, and chlorine don’t sound particularly delicious, don’t be surprised that there are more unsavory things floating around in tap water. Bacteria and living organisms like mildew and mold spores frequently crop up in drinking water. Their presence is typically marked by the smell of sulfur, a gas that bacteria give off when allowed to thrive. Naturally, these things create a sour taste and odor in drinking water that may be masked by the smell of chlorine used to kill bacteria in the water.

Removes Common Chemicals From Water

Alongside making water taste better, a water filtration system removes the chemicals and pollutants found in drinking water that should not go into a human body. While small concentrations of chemicals like lead, mercury, and arsenic aren’t going to hurt anyone, these chemicals build up in the body over time. These chemicals can cause acute, immediate damage to individuals with weaker bodies. That’s why people with deficient kidneys and small children are recommended to drink purified, bottled water. 

A water filtration system will remove these chemicals and more, keeping the water clean and safe to drink for everyone. 


Protects Against Invasive Pollutants

Bacteria and living organisms don’t just make drinking water taste and smell bad. They also spread and cause water-borne disease and illness.

A good rule of thumb with drinking water: if it smells like chlorine or chemicals, there’s probably something in the water being treated or killed with the chemical to make it safe to drink.

Chemicals have replaced boiling as the method of choice for killing organisms living in drinking water that can cause water-borne illness and diseases like cholera and typhoid fever.

If it weren’t for chemicals and cleaning processes used in city water treatment plants, all water would need boiling before drinking. Unfortunately, even with modern technology, the chemicals used to kill these bacterias aren’t good for human health. That’s where the water filtration system comes in. It helps remove any bacteria that have survived the water treatment plant and removes the leftover chemicals used to clean the water and any other pollutants present. 

Long story short, a water filtration system makes drinkable water cleaner and better for human consumption. When looking to purchase a water filtration system, be sure to reach out to a qualified plumbing specialist who can advise on the best type of system for a home’s demands and needs. 

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