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3 Signs of a Water Leak That Everyone Needs to Know

Learning to Detect Water Leaks

One of the last signs to pop up after a plumbing leak is mold and mildew. Noticing a puddle of water around a fixture can also be a dead giveaway, but it is important for homeowners to catch a plumbing leak as early as possible. To do this, homeowners must know some early signs of a water leak. 

Looking out for the early signs will help alert homeowners about a leak sooner so they can call in a professional before extensive water damage sets in. The last thing any homeowner wants is to deal with water damage from a plumbing leak. This blog discusses three main signs to look for that indicate a leak. These three signs are some of the first signs that pop up, so the homeowner can call a professional a lot sooner! Continue reading to learn about three signs of a water leak. 

Is the Plumbing Hissing?

When it’s dark out and everyone in the home has gone to sleep, the house should be quiet. If homeowners hear a hissing, dripping sound, or running water sounds when the plumbing isn’t being used, this is a telltale sign of a water leak somewhere on the property. 

This can be harder to notice, especially for those who aren’t at their homes often. That is why sticking to a regular maintenance plan is crucial to stay on top of plumbing leaks. Plumbing leaks can cause a lot of damage to homes, but noticing water sounds when the plumbing is off is usually one of the first signs. So, if homeowners notice this sign, they should get professional help immediately before any damage worsens. 

Is the Water Pressure Lower Than Usual?

water Low water pressure is another sign of a water leak in the home. Low water pressure can point to several plumbing issues, so it’s important to call a professional when homeowners notice a change in water pressure so they can determine the cause and fix it. 

Low water pressure can be a sign of things like: 

  • Leaky pipes
  • Clogged pipes
  • Mineral and debris build-up caught within the system
  • Corrosion of pipes causing a build-up

Has the Water Bill Increased?

billsA higher-than-normal water bill is another indicator that the home has a leak. When the water bill gets affected, many homeowners start to notice something is off. Whether it’s a gradual increase over a couple of months or a significant increase from one month to the next, they are both worrisome; the latter more so. The more drastic the jump in bills, the worse the leak typically is. 

However, even the smallest leak can waste a significant amount of water and money over time. If homeowners notice their water bill increasing while water usage doesn’t, they need to call a professional plumber immediately. This is the only way to ensure any leaks are located and fixed to prevent water damage. And once all leaks are fixed, the water bills will return to normal. 

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