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Celebrate Mom’s Lessons this May


Mother’s Day is a wonderful time of the year to express appreciation and genuine gratitude for all that our mothers do. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget all of the sacrifices our mothers made for our wellbeing but it’s important to recognize all the hard work that goes into motherhood.

Like yelling at us to do our homework and keep our rooms clean! You have to admit, the yelling must have worked because most of us can still recall all of the chores our moms had us do to keep the house clean, and now they apply even to our plumbing systems!

There May be a Reason for The Spots on Glassware

How many of you can remember being told to clean dishes that you’ve already cleaned? It always seemed like no matter how hard you scrubbed, the residue just wouldn’t go away.

Well, what if we told you that your mom might have been wrong and it really wasn’t your fault that the dishes were still dirty. You heard us correctly! You may have actually been dealing

with hard water making dishes harder to clean and making your chores harder to complete!

Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

  • wipeglassSpots On Dishes: If you notice spots all over your dishware, you may be experiencing hard water. The minerals found in hard water combined with dish detergent can cause the minerals to stick to your dishes leaving behind dishware that doesn’t look the cleanest.
  • Dry/Itchy Skin: Hard minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium can wreak havoc on your skin leaving you feeling dry and itchy.
  • Foul Odor: If you notice your water supply has a foul stench to it, that is a tell-tale sign that hard water is present.
  • Clogged Pipes: Hard water tends to break down pipes causing corrosion. When corrosion occurs, your pipes become susceptible to clogs and leaks.
  • Low Flow Faucets: Water becomes hard due to the buildup of mineral deposits such as calcium and magnesium. This can cause pipes to become clogged and can result in the low flow of water.

Cutting Down on Bathroom Time Saves!

longshowerDon’t you miss those mornings when you were enjoying a nice, long shower until your mom came along yelling about the time you were spending in the bathroom?

Okay so maybe you don’t miss that, but if you had to pay the water bill then you’d cut your mom a little slack. Long showers can seriously spike a water bill, not to mention the toll they can take on the environment.

The average American shower uses up to 17 gallons of water so multiply that by the members of your household and you’re looking at a pretty hefty water bill. Your water bill isn’t the only thing that suffers due to long showers as constantly flowing water can corrode your pipes faster resulting in pipe bursts and leaks.

Considered Collecting Rainwater?

collectwaterIf your mother was a little on the frugal side, you’ve most likely heard about collecting rainwater to save money.

Even if we didn’t understand it back then, it turns out our moms were actually ahead of the curve as collecting rainwater has many great benefits such as saving money and nourishing indoor plants and gardens.

Rainwater is also a great conservative way to wash vehicles or the exterior of our homes. So this Mother’s Day, make your mom smile by calling her and thanking her for all of her quirky conservative ways that have actually proved to be more beneficial than we previously thought!

And if you can’t call your mom this holiday, at S and J Plumbing we want to remind you to be joyful for the fact that her lessons remain fruitful for years to come!